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Ship Firepower Comparison

Filter String: Over HP: Over Cost: Times speed:

This page displays a graph of the fire-power values of each ship type, modified by their accuracy value against a given class of target. It assumes that a target is in range of all weapons simultaneously, for the value will be inflated in nearly every instance.

If a filter string is entered, all ships that do not contain that string in their filename will be removed from the graph. This string is in fact used as a regular expression. If that means nothing to you, an easy example is the string "_CAStandard|_CABattle|_CAHeavy", which will get you a graph of all the non-NPC combat cruisers in the mod. The | character can be read as "Or". With this tool you can build any set of ships you would like to compare.

The check boxes modify the values on the graph, allowing you to see what ships provide the better firepower-per-RU, firepower-per-HP, or the best ability to get firepower to a target quickly.

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