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Vaygr Tribes

Unified Navy of Higaara

Turanic Clans

Tobari Star Empire

Taiidani Republic

Imperial Taiidan Relics

Frerrn Aggregate


Taiidani Confederate Systems


HW@ TEAM ACTIVE MEMBERS (as of 11/2010)

Aralonia: Testing, voice acting, inspiration, enthusiasm, neon green, purple

Avatar II: Concepts, textures, scripting, effects, writing, sounds, motivation, voice acting, teensy weensy bits of .hod-ing, testing

Dark Sentinel: Modeling, animating, texturing, voice acting, heresy, terror.

Icefox: .Lua scripting, voice acting, mission scripting

Siber: Modeling, voice acting, .hod-ing, background generation, level design, lua scripting, writing, testing, infinite patience


Adhira: Animation, modeling UNH_DRStandard

Doci: Modeling & texturing REP_FTScout, CZA_DDStandard, CZA_FTTag, inspiration, limitless enthusiasm

Cerino: Voice acting

ericrajuin: Modeling & texturing UNH_CAStandard's energy cannon turrets.

Hades: Modeling VAY_DDStandard

Kaelis: Technical help, VAY_CTGun model and textures.

MachinesInMotion: Modeling VAY_DDStandard

MrBot: Voice acting

MRecon: Background generation

Schwartz: Modeling VAY_DDStandard


4E534B: Making a boatload of useful tools

Beelzebuddy: Drone code example

Bobboau: Freespace 2 upgrade project beams provided key inspiration for new ion beam VFX

CnlPepper/B5TC mod team: Awesome tools, tutorials, and shaders

EvilChaotic: Teaching Dark Sentinel how to mod Homeworld 2, basic Frerrn carrier model.

Le Sun Tzu: For answering a whole bunch of questions on modding

MatthCoFreak: For a lowfi pack after release

Mikael: Numberous scripting examples and modules, such as the starting fleet managment and map production framework

Relic: For making a great game in 1999 and a decent mod platform in 2003


Beast, Lizzie


Denny Schneidemesser / Danman87: Battle music "Entering the Stronghold" and many hours of excellent listening to his other tracks.

DetonationFilms: Fireburst01 FX from their free package. Free independent professional-quality FX for films and television.

FatKidWitAJetPak: Ambient music "Ruby Moon", "Dead Snow", "Breathe With Me"

John-Gaden: Menu music "Ennui".

Nutritious: HW1 remixes "Ancient Enemy", "Fallen", "Deep Space"

Sekhem: Ambient music "Cavorite Exterior".

teh_strelok: Vaygr destroyer point defense sound effect. Amazing resource, incredibly professional FX.

Waterflame Battle music "Dark Dreams" "Control: Crowd", and "Afterburners".

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