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Vaygr Tribes

While rumors of emerging unknown species area constant fact of life, reports of unidentified warships in the southwest of the galaxy have seen a sharp rise in the past months, and investigation has created a sketchy but consistent picture of a faction calling itself the Vaygr Tribes. Exact information on the origins or history of the Vaygr are difficult to ascertain at this time, but indications point to origins within an isolated and relatively deserted region on the southern rim of the galaxy that is nominally claimed as Tobari territory, as with most otherwise uncontrolled space. Their observed civilian ships seem adapted to permanent habitation, suggesting a nomadic life.

To date no formal contact with the Vaygr has been made, nor is any such contact between the Vaygr and other nations known for sure. Their goals and attitudes are still being evaluated. All that can be said from the information available is that they appear to be on the move, more-so than mere nomadic nature can explain.

Vaygr ships seem to have a greater focus on self-sufficiency than other fleets, with a strong through-line of large fixed main weapons supplemented by lighter turret protection. This design pattern has been seen in every size class larger than fighters. Vaygr technology seems relatively primitive, with a focus on projectile weapons, but intelligence suggests that as they acquire energy weapon technology they may begin to adopt single-purpose ship types more in line with the galactic standard.

Without better intelligence on Vaygr goals or strengths it is impossible to say what impact they might have on the balance of power. If their goal is conquest they are most likely to come into conflict with the Taiidani Confederacy, which could be a great boon to us. It is also possible they would be incorporated into the Confederate power structure in much the same way the Turanics once served the Taiidani Empire, which would be rather less welcome. It's also possible, given their apparent nomadic nature, that they will bypass Confederate space entirely for parts unknown. Given this unpredictability it is recommended that Command officers keep up to date on all new intelligence about the Vaygr. As they proceed deeper into the galaxy, we will be able to determine what their objectives and total strength is in more detail.

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