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Unified Navy of Higaara

Formed and funded by the New Daiiamid Council, the Unified Navy of Higaara resurrected the fighting traditions of the Homeworld War by bringing together the best and most dedicated officers under a single flag, devoted to the protection of our hard-won homeworld. An officer in the UNH is expected to put aside Kiith loyalty and act only in the interest of all Kushan. The Kiith retain their individual fleets, and we take the jobs Higaara can't afford to have neglected. Since our inception we have been the driving force of Kushan military development and pride, and we represent the Kushan people far beyond our borders.

Our history has inspired a reputation of respect and fear across the galaxy. For over a century our actions have been making ripples felt by all, and while we have many enemies none seem prepared to try to find the limits of our determination. And we have as many strong allies as enemies, as our relations with the Taiidani Republic are as strong as they ever have been. Our provisional status on the galactic council and through it official recognition of our claim on the Higaaran Control Zone remains secure, despite the ascension of the Taiidani Confederate Systems and their less than friendly view of us.

Tactically, standard UNH doctrine is to employ a core of generalist ships capable of covering any threat in conjunction with specialist units dependent on the enemy force composition. Strategically we employ self-sufficient task forces to penetrate enemy lines and strike important targets faster than they can react and pin us down. This strategy is echoed from the Mothership class fleet-anchors, through independent carrier groups, and down to support-frigate based strike elements.

Kushan dominance of the Higaaran control zone as not at this time being officially contested, but pirate, warlord, and dissident forces pose an asymmetric threat that occupy fleet resources. We must remain vigilant against these enemies while keeping readiness for unexpected threats. Higaara's safety is won through our reputation of inevitable victory, and so we mustnÆt allow that to be tarnished. The two most likely deployments an officer can expect are policing trade lanes against raider attacks, and defending the hyperspace inhibitor network that safeguards Higaara's population.

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