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Turanic Clans

The Turanic raider clans thrived in the period following Landfall and the imperial fall, but have since fallen on more difficult times. They have long been considered a plague on the trade routes of the galaxy, one that springs up anew whenever it seems dead. The small and scattered peaceful settlements of turanic populations are often demonized as the breeding grounds and havens of pirates, but objective assessment shows they have neither the will or the means to prevent their mercenary cousins from using their resources at will.

During the interim period, the space now claimed by the Taiidani Confederacy was infested with the so called 'bandit kingdoms', strongholds of organized Turanic power that many of the imperial remnant fleets patronized for illicit trade and logistic support. The confederacy has made a grand show of rooting these strongholds out and seizing their resources, and the new face of Taiidani imperialism seems no friend of the raiders.

Despite their dispersed nature, the raider clans seem to freely and effectively share technological data. How exactly they achieve this is unknown, but the effect is that their ships remain a credible threat despite lacking any discernable centralized R&D effort. Turanic ships are durable and multi-role, as well as being cheap to produce and repair.

The eviction of the bandit kingdoms has meant that Turanic power is less concentrated, but it does not seem to have greatly diminished their numbers. Though their highest concentrations are in the northwest of the galaxy, Raider ships can be found in nearly any region, preying on unescorted trade. In fact, skirmishes with Turanic pirates is one of the most common sources of combat experience in the fleet to this day.

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