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Tobari Star Empire

The Tobari civilization claimed dominance over the galaxy before the Higaaran or Taiidani roamed the stars, and official propaganda from the Tobari state claims they still have it in all but name. In reality Tobari credible claims cover only a loose ring of holdings around the fringes of the galaxy, too far from major trade routes or industrial concentrations for any of the later powers to have cared to oust them from.

The Tobari state has no strong friends, owing to it's seemingly immortal cultural narcissm. Their inability to accept their irrelevance to the course of events makes them a constant annoyance, with a steady stream of diplomatic faux pas that are by now expected by all. Their representatives in the Galactic Council are at once the loudest and least listened to people on the floor.

Tobari sabre rattling has continued for centuries, but their millitary planners seem aware of their actual strength. Tobari territory is typically heavily fortified and thus extremely difficult for any attacker to take, but the state's offensive millitary would only be a threat if they managed to adopt modern mothership-strikegroup tactics, something that seems unlikely given their cultural baggage. Any likely conflicts involving the Tobari would be limited in scope and ferocity, brushfire wars. Higaara is far from any Tobari strong points, and the Republic is unlikely to call for our aid in such a dispute, so readyness to fight Tobari is considered low priority for any fleet not exploring the outer rim.

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