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Taiidani Republic

Built on the corpse of the millena old Taiidani Empire, the Republic is a democratic nation occupying a dominant position in the galaxy. In addition to the lion's share of the power and resources of the empire, the republic has unfortunately also inherited many of the empire's problems, and the galaxy as a whole looks upon the Taiidani people with some fear and skepticism despite the change of banner. The republic struggles to overcome it's legacy to this day, but it's citizens are among the safest and most prosperous in the galaxy despite it's problems.

The Republic's relations with both ourselves and their neighbors are stronger than they have been in recent memory. Efforts to normalize relations with the Confederation and the Frerrn Aggregate have borne some fruit, and many of the past points of conflict between the republic and Higaara have since grown into strengths binding us closer together. The Republic provides extensive industrial support in the Higaaran system, maintaining Imperial-era installations including Higaara's inhibitor network. They also support the large Imperial-era shipyard complexes used for producing our Mothership fleets. The homeworld would be far less secure without their support.

Republic designs share much in philosophy and technology with our own ships. The primary difference is a greater emphasis on self-sufficiency at a lower level, owing to the republic's greater territory to patrol and focus on dispersed carrier groups rather than investment in focused mothership-based strike forces. Their capital ships tend to be slightly slower and more heavily armored than ours, and they prefer to use carrier battlegroups in large numbers to control territory rather than mothership fleets. Outside of these differences, republic combined arms doctrine is very similar to our own.

The Republic's democratic decision-making apparatus is even more fickle and mercurial than our own Daiimid council, and as such it is impossible to rule out sharp declines in relations with any of their neighbors. In nearly every such case, large scale war is a potential outcome. As their strongest ally, this makes it uncomfortably likely that we may be pulled into a war at their side in the coming decades, and effective coordination between our fleets would be vital to our shared survival in this eventuality.

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