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Imperial Taiidan Relics


Imperial Taiidan Relics

Spanning thousands of years with multiple dyansties, the Taiidani empire at it's height controlled a clear majority of the galaxy's counted population. Today two states claim to properly carry the Taiidani banner into the future, and while most outside obsevers would favor the Republic to carry the title, more each year defer the decision to the historians of the future.

Whatever the case may be, the empire's position came hand in hand with a dominance over research and development. Imperial engineering is found a century after it's fall in nearly every corner of the galaxy, from antique interceptors held together by creative welding and hope in the poorest system militia to the titanic inhibitor stations protecting Higaara. With the sheer volume of hardware the empire produced it will be centuries more before it stops being comonplace to see these vintage ships in battle, and it continues to behoove commanders to be familiar with their specifications.

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