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VAY Ion Array Frigate

Fire Support

Armor: 16000 HP
Build cost: 550 RU
Build time: 51 sec
Maximum speed: 100 m/s
Turning rate: 27.0 deg/s
Squadron firepower: 140.63 HP/s
weapon type count RPM damage individual firepower total firepower
VAY_FF_IonArray 1 15.0 563 141 140.6

Dubbed the Trident, this ship type has recently been identified in limited deployments by reconassance elements near the southern fronteir of the Confederate systems. We have not yet managed to observe it in combat, but analyists have come to two conlusions about it. One is that it is a new design that has only been distributed to select elements of the vaygr fleet, chosen by unknown logic but kept away from the action for the moment, and second that it is armed with an ion array weapon, making it the first energy weapon cited on a vaygr frigate platform.

Ion array technology has a number of significant tradeoffs compared to traditional ion cannons. It's primary advantages are a less intricate and demanding construction and lower peak power draw. The reduced technical complexity makes it an attractive option for less sophisticated forces, such as the turanic raiders, but it comes hand in hand with reduced firepower and range. The focusing elements of ion array frigates are traditionally relatively fragile parts of a ship, but the Vaygr appear to have heavily armored the arrays. The focusing arrays form a easily recognized shroud over the forward section of the ship. This could result in a sluggish ship, but all Tridents sighted so far have kept pace with their battlegroups well, leading intelligence to conclude they may use an improved variant of the Vaygr frigate powerplant.

The choice of an ion array platform supports analyist conclusions that ion weaponry is very new to the Vaygr. We currently do not have intelligence on if this was an independant delveopment on their part or influenced by outside forces. The most likely source is salvage or purchase of Turanic technology, but it is conceivable that they obtained standard ion technology and independently derived the ion array variation. In either case, Vaygr integration of advanced technology is occuring at a worriesome pace. If commanders encounter one of these ships in combat all reasonable effort should be made to capture or salvage examlples for study. Commanders are also instructed to prevent Vaygr acquisition of UNH technologies at every opertunity.

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