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VAY Assault Frigate

Close Assault

Armor: 23000 HP
Build cost: 700 RU
Build time: 73 sec
Maximum speed: 130 m/s
Turning rate: 33.0 deg/s
Squadron firepower: 170.0 HP/s
weapon type count RPM damage individual firepower total firepower
VAY_FF_Flak 5 24.0 55 22 110.0
VAY_FF_Rotary 1 400.0 9 60 60.0

A light capital ship spotted first by independent traders in the far galactic south. So named for its distinctive profile, the Warhammer is a deadly if primitive picket and raiding vessel.

Obviously designed for long-term deep-space deployment, the Warhammer has admirably thick armor plating, highly variable geometry to improve maneuverability and heat dissipation characteristics, and a rotating centrifuge to ease comfort for crew far from friendly stations.

It is also obviously designed for an aggressive frontal assault. Its five spindly turrets mount moderately effective medium range chemical cannon with a good rate of fire and decent accuracy. Each barrel is built to a 17 cm standard and fires an excellent armor-piercing round capable of damaging even modern armor, though the primitive ammo feed and shallow magazines on the Warhammer limit the rate of fire.

The massive blunt nose of the craft hides an enormous 28 cm rotary cannon tuned to well over a thousand rounds per minute. It is not clear exactly what tradition this monstrous mega-artillery piece might have come from, but the result is a weapon that at point-blank range is capable of blistering salvos. The cryogenically cooled weapon will melt if fired for more than three seconds continuously and the recessed, armored barrels travel half the length of the ship. The Warhammer wrecks investigated by Republic forces only carry enough rounds to operate the weapon for three minutes; however it is expected that in groups this would present a serious chance of destroying a Carrier.

Typical Vaygr employment of this vessel is as an aggressively employed hammer to the Glaive destroyer's anvil. The ships have similar drive speed, though the Warhammer has excellent maneuverability and good coverage on its turrets allowing it to slip to the flanks and start firing sabot rounds. While the ship cannot expect to reasonably dogfight; allied strike craft are advised against traveling between a Warhammer operating its spinal gun and its target for fear of being caught in the hail of penetrators.

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