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VAY Gunship

Rapid Assault

Armor: 950 HP
Build cost: 170 RU
Build time: 17 sec
Maximum speed: 230 m/s
Turning rate: 80.0 deg/s
Squadron firepower: 43.43 HP/s
weapon type count RPM damage individual firepower total firepower
vay_ctrailgun 2 26.09 20 8 17.0
vay_ctturretgun 3 529.41 1 9 26.5

A light craft spotted first by our Republic allies to the far galactic south. The Republic pilots that faced the craft dubbed it Javelin-class after its long and narrow central hull and sharp features. The Javelin is one of the first craft fielded by a previously unknown species calling itself the Vaygr and typifies their design philosophy.

An unconventional craft, the Javelin is smaller and faster than any known Corvette-class vessel while significantly outmassing any known Fighter. Like a Fighter it has heavy spinal electromagnetic cannon, configured like the turreted cannon on the Spirit to propel heavy slugs accurately. These twin spinal guns are quite lethal against any fighter in its path, and can deliver considerable damage to other corvettes or capital ships. These heavy, but primitive guns are supplemented by a trio of turreted vulcan cannon.

The vulcan turrets on the Javelin are inaccurate and short-ranged, but quite deadly to small craft. Two are positioned on either side of the main weapons array and one guards the rear of the craft from pursuers. It is suspected that the Vaygr must have a large number of craft with such short ranged armaments if they consider one of these rear turrets to be adequate defense, and cautions pilots to maintain maximum effective range in combat against all Vaygr ships. Javelins are highly vulnerable to rear attacks by large squadrons of interceptors, and standard Corvettes are quite effective against them.

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