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UNH Assault Frigate

Light Assault/Escort

Armor: 20000 HP
Build cost: 575 RU
Build time: 60 sec
Maximum speed: 115 m/s
Turning rate: 27.0 deg/s
Squadron firepower: 92.03 HP/s
weapon type count RPM damage individual firepower total firepower
UNH_FF_Mass 5 8.28 110 15 75.9
UNH_FF_Mass_Chin 1 8.28 110 15 15.2
UNH_FF_Pulsar 2 30.0 1 1 1.0

The modern assault frigate owes much to the Taiidan. When the original Vengeance class was built in 1 B.L. from technology copied wholesale from captured imperial Kudaark frigates wrapped in a distinctively Kushan hull, it became the foundation of the fleet. While some smaller Kiith could not afford it and made due with their own substitutes, all that could license the designs from the Daiamid made heavy use of the ship, including the unified Navy of Higaara when it took form. In the decades to come the design was repeatedly pushed to, and occasionally past, its limits with extensive updates and refits. Finally in 79 A.L. the retirement of the Vengeance was announced, with a phasing out slated to complete in 88 A.L., to be replaced by the newly commissioned Reconciliation, named to commemorate the ties between Higaara and the Taiidan Republic.

Indeed, the Reconciliation was designed with aid from Republic engineers, renewing the ties to Taiidan technology. Like its predecessor, the Reconciliation became the foundation of a new generation of frigates in the coming years. The vessel fills much the same role as the assault frigates of old, multiple turrets handling strike craft threats, particularly corvette wings that would otherwise make short work of fighters or support craft alike.

The old plasma bombs were removed to make room for two additional turrets, bringing the total up to 6 standard mass drivers, but the framework was left in place for possible increased armament in future refits. This has proven wise with the newly developed cheek-mounted point-pulsar emplacements added to the Mk.4 revision, slated to be brought into combat trials with the launch of the 15th Fleet in 102 A.L. While some argue that the lack of heavier fixed-forward weaponry diminishes the frigate's ability to aid in anti-capital engagements, it can still bring all six primary turrets to bear on a forward target, creating a withering hail of fire when deployed in groups. Still no substitute for ion cannons or larger capital ships, the Reconciliation class is far from useless once strike craft threats are eliminated, and any commander would be a fool to discount them as such.

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