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UNH Corvette

Rapid Response Escort

Armor: 1300 HP
Build cost: 190 RU
Build time: 20 sec
Maximum speed: 210 m/s
Turning rate: 90.0 deg/s
Squadron firepower: 16.3 HP/s
weapon type count RPM damage individual firepower total firepower
unh_ctgun 2 22.22 22 8 16.3

The Spirit-class Corvette is the main heavy strike craft of the fleet. The Spirit is based heavily on the previous generations of heavy strike craft, although it fills a much broader role than either the Hammer or the Cavalier. The Spirit, a Kiith Paktu design, retains the swiftness and maneuverability of the most advanced first generation corvettes alongside a significantly enhanced armament. The earlier cockpits provided a full 180 degree view of the space ahead; the Spirit instead substitutes ubiquitous sensor arrays to give the same information density to the pilot whilst allowing the pilot cocoons to be buried deeper within the hull. The sleek lines of the Spirit do not betray its thick armor and robust power systems supplying two medium railguns.

Most notable are the Spirit's large aerobraking surfaces analogous to the wings of an aerofighter. These surfaces can be used to rapidly shed speed in an atmosphere, and also serve as excellent locations for powerful attitude thrusters contributing to the unparalleled maneuverability of the Spirit. Additionally these versatile craft are often converted to serve special roles, and these large surfaces can be used to mount various equipment, such as long range scanning probes, additional fuel tanks, or even orbit-to-surface munitions in certain situations.

The Spirit is widely used amongst the vast majority of the Kiith, and is a common sight amongst the Kushan fleets. While a wing of Spirits can be a pricey investment, they are superb escort and harassment craft, and are often tasked to some of the most dangerous missions in combat: escorting the bomber wings. Many of the finest pilots in the Kushan fleets swear by the Spirit as the ultimate synthesis of speed, firepower, and durability; the craft can outpace all other Corvette-class vessels and keep pace with heavy bombers, giving them immense strategic flexibility. Like all Corvettes, the Spirit is large enough to suffer greatly from capital ship weapon turrets, but its speed gives it an edge against other, slower, heavier designs.

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