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UNH Heavy Corvette

Battlegroup Escort

Armor: 1700 HP
Build cost: 240 RU
Build time: 25 sec
Maximum speed: 158 m/s
Turning rate: 90.0 deg/s
Squadron firepower: 32.59 HP/s
weapon type count RPM damage individual firepower total firepower
unh_ctgun 4 22.22 22 8 32.6

When the situation calls for reactive anti-strikecraft operations, doctrine calls for Spirit standard corvettes. However in many cases the speed is wasted, namely, outrunning the carrier battlegroup you are defending is of limited utility. Many commanders prefer to leave interception to interceptors. Thus the existence of the Stalwart class heavy corvette.

While it shares many components with it's lighter contemporary, the Stalwart was drafted in the mold of the classical corvette. With four turrets and heavier armor, wargames have proven the worth of these craft. In 101 A.L the first run of 20 prototypes entered into mock combat with mixed Soban Fleet strike craft simulating a raid on civilian mining operations. Immediately after the trial, the Soban Sa signed orders to purchase the design license for his carriers.

Adoption has not been universal, as some combat doctrines call for maximum flexibility. Maintenance crews and gunnery crews both loath the craft as it suffer from the same foibles as its ancestors. In particular they are crammed so full of armor, weapons, ammunition, fuel, targeting sensors and turret drives, there is little room for either pilots or mechanics. The pilot's sole consolations are the gratitude of the crews they protect, and its frequent expression in carrier bars.

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