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TRN Bandit Fighter

Space Superiority

Armor: 225 HP
Build cost: 45 RU
Build time: 12 sec
Maximum speed: 243 m/s
Turning rate: 150.0 deg/s
Squadron firepower: 31.37 HP/s
weapon type count RPM damage individual firepower total firepower
trn_ftgun 1 235.29 8 31 31.4

Turanic mercenaries will work for any side that pays, and take what they need when nobody is paying. If they are pirates, privateers, raiders or mercenaries depends on the politics of the moment. Pariahs for a time after the fall of the Empire, attempts to root out supposed central infrastructures proved ineffective. Even so, standardization of their forces continues to this day.

Military engineers predict the 'Bandit' interceptor is due for replacement by a new design within the decade. Astute observers of military history would point out in response that such predictions have been around as long as anyone remembers, and captured or destroyed Bandits continually show incremental advancements without radical redesigns. The firing coils on a modern Bandit give it firepower to compete with contemporaries in organized navies, and their clever compartmentalization and armor composition make them one of the most durable ships in their weight class. Furthermore, the impressive internal modularity gives them immense future-proofing so long as basic module architecture and power systems doesn't undergo a fundamental shift in the near future. Many minor powers and bandit empires have taken to popularizing the Bandit as a symbol of freedom - Turanics are known to sell the fighters to anyone and frequently they've been found in the hands of fringe groups, terrorist and splinter organizations, freedom fighters, mercenary groups, and corporate militias. It is archaic, effective, dependable, rugged, incredibly adaptable, has a cavernous fuel capacity, and is dirt cheap. Millions have been destroyed in conflicts over the decades, and tens of millions more in a wide family of variants and copies have been produced from thousands of factories.

Bandits are well known for their ability to survive long enough to cut and run if it appears they won't be able to collect their pay if they stay.

Be advised that while Kushan space is unwelcoming to Turanic ships, some Republic shipping companies routinely employ Turanic mercenary escorts when operating near lawless areas. Pilots should always check with superior officers before engaging Bandits in combat, particularly when on joint operations.

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