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FRN Ion Cannon Frigate

Long-range Fire Support

Armor: 18000 HP
Build cost: 575 RU
Build time: 53 sec
Maximum speed: 105 m/s
Turning rate: 30.0 deg/s
Squadron firepower: 172.69 HP/s
weapon type count RPM damage individual firepower total firepower
FRN_FF_Auto_FFI 2 150.0 3 8 15.0
FRN_FF_Ion 1 9.23 1025 158 157.7

The Ripper Ion Cannon frigate does not follow the standard for frigate designs for the Galactic nations. It was not an adaptation of an extant Assault frigate design, but a standalone design developed in late 63 AHL as a replacement to the 200 year old Project 0627A11 "Conqueror" class ion cannon frigate, built as part of a sweeping upgrade program to modernize the Aggregate's aging anti-capital ship fleet with tougher armor, more advanced EW systems, and most importantly improved power plants.

The 'Ripper' was overwhelmingly successful in trials, outperforming the benchmarks set by the venerable Sajuuk Cor-type Taiidani ion frigate and boasting impressive durability. Frerrn military planning decided to expand their modernization efforts to their entire range of frigate-class vessels, implementing a long-term plan of rolling retirements and refits on a class-by-class basis, replacing their frigates first due to their large numbers and their integral role as the first line of defense for the Aggregate. That upgrade program is still working to this day, though as the first ship most of the Aggregate's ion frigates are now Rippers.

This frigate does not differ much from its modern counterparts in the Republic Navy or the UNH in terms of primary weaponry. It's equipped with one super-capital class ion cannon with heavy influence from captured Taiidani weaponry and technology. The Ripper also has a light twin-barrelled anti-fighter coilgun turret on the dorsal superstructure. Their accuracy is insufficient, but large squads of this frigates must be engaged in the blind zones, especially from below to minimize attrition damage.

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