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FRN Drone Frigate

Area Control

Armor: 14400 HP
Build cost: 800 RU
Build time: 60 sec
Maximum speed: 105 m/s
Turning rate: 30.0 deg/s
Squadron firepower: 0.0 HP/s
weapon type count RPM damage individual firepower total firepower
unh_ffdDummyGun 1 10.0 0 0 0.0

The Aggregate's remote weapons program appears to have taken off rapidly after the fall of the Empire. While the average Aggregate citizen is no stranger to war and would not admit to fear of death in battle, it nevertheless is likely that the fewer Frerrn deaths in a conflict, the better for civilian morale and the less support for conflict will erode over time - serving the Aggregate's expansionist interests well. It is our estimation that the Bombardier-type remote weapons control frigate was designed to provide a defensive screen to a formation of hyperspace-capable ships without risking vulnerable fighters and their precious pilots.

The Bombardier A2 is a new weapons system in the arsenal of the Aggregate. It has a heavily built up and armored superstructure on top of the Ripper-type hull, likely make room for the shielded tight-beam control pods for its formation of drones. The Bombardier also features a ventral hangar bay for quick servicing of its large drones. The drones themselves appear to be the product of an independent Project from the Bombardier, one that has not matured as rapidly as the frigate itself. The drones have limited combat endurance and little ability to independently operate far from their control ship, operating more as a set of escort fire platforms. They also are significantly larger than our own drones, featuring a level of armor and firepower somewhere between a fighter and a corvette, sporting a pair of light coilgun turrets on either side of the drone's hull. We can expect the standard Frerrn approach of constant incremental upgrades to eventually expand the Bombardier's drone's capabilities to include multiple mission types like our own drones.

Regular Aggregate forces do not appear to have common access to this technology. The Bombardier-type vessel is not publicly displayed and is not listed in any commonly available Frerrn news or information databases. It is only through recent Intelligence breakthroughs that the existence of this ship is indicated. Therefore, UNH Intelligence cautions that available information on the Bombardier's capabilities may be incomplete or erroneous at this time.

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