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Taiidani Confederate Systems


CNF Assault Frigate


Armor: 19200 HP
Build cost: 575 RU
Build time: 60 sec
Maximum speed: 105 m/s
Turning rate: 30.0 deg/s
Squadron firepower: 122.69 HP/s
weapon type count RPM damage individual firepower total firepower
CNF_FF_Mass_Left 2 20.69 44 15 30.3
CNF_FF_Mass_Right 2 20.69 44 15 30.3
CNF_FF_Plasma 2 12.0 95 19 38.0
CNF_FF_Auto 2 240.0 3 12 24.0

This unit is a remarkable piece of engineering. Commissioned in the Confederate core systems approximately thirty years ago, intelligence from the Republic points to this vessel as the bastard child of an Imperial-era Kudaark frigate upgrade project that foundered in the post-Empire chaos. Confederate engineers have since entered the usual Imperial-style centralized design cycle that issues regular incremental updates to a chassis to maintain parity with foreign powers.

The vK.IX/a.AS is noteworthy for its admirable performance under the circumstances; with a more fragile economy and volatile political situation at home, the Confederation shipyards produced a dependable and powerful starship by modern standards. Modern plasma cannon that run the length of the hull have excellent striking range and appreciable power, while medium coilgun turrets give protection to allied vessels from all threats. Rounding out the threat suite are a recently added pair of super-light coilgun point defense cannon on the flanks.

These additions have similar functionality to the point pulsar emplacements on the Reconciliation-class UNH Assault Frigate. Additionally, Confederate engineers have aggressively pursued an engine modernization program that has brought their power plants up to the standards of the Republic Bal-Kudaark frigate and Higaaran Reconciliation. It is this modern power supply that is used to fuel the vessel's extensive weaponry.

The ship is not without flaws, however. It has a worse power to mass ratio than any of its equivelants and thinner armor overall, and the accuracy on its light coilgun is quite low. Furthermore it struggles with large swarms of fighters that the extra cannon on Reconciliation-type units would be able to manage. This ship is thus commonly deployed in wings of five to ensure adequate firepower can be brought to bear on any target. Though it is slow, its weapons pack commendable punch for an aging design built largely with last-generation equipment. Aggressively engaging with destroyers, beam armed frigates, or flanking heavy strike craft and assault frigates will leave the /a.AS unable to adequately withdraw and its weaker armor will quickly spell its doom.

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