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Frerrn Aggregate

Of the many upstart nations the Taiidani empire oppressed, the Frerrn Aggregate is the only one that successfully fought back and maintained their independence, though at great cost. After their initial clashes four centuries ago the two states held themselves poised in near constant readiness for a second, final war. The conflict seemed inevitable and imminent in the last days of Riesstiu reign, and the Frerrn took advantage of the chaos surrounding the transition to republic rule to seize significant amounts of previously Taiidani territory. This advance was halted before the reconstituted Taiidani state was forced to declare open warfare to stop them, but tensions remain high between the Frerrn and all Taiidani.

Frerrn tactics emphasize durability and generality. Their doctrine revolves around the idea that no Frerrn ships will be lost without their attacker paying a price for it. They extensively use minefields and fortresses when in a defensive posture. When on the offense they prefer massive close-range assault where their individual ships' slow speed is less of a problem.

Frerrn-Taiidani tensions are considered the most dangerous trigger point at present. Both Taiidani states are emboldened recently by the sense that if either of them war with Frerrn, the other will come to their aid. Their combined might has made their border posturing more aggressive, and the Frerrn may be compelled to act in response. If this conflict ignites again we could be drawn in as the Republic's allies, so it is important for commanders to be prepared for this eventuality.

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