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The Czalkir are as enigmatic as any other Inner Council races, if not more-so. Their bizarre ships have rarely been seen in combat, but those examples have been as frightening as any other Inner Council's ships.

It is suspected that the only way to bring any of the Inner Council species to battle would be to directly threaten either their population centers or threaten mass annihilation of civilian populations during war between council members. Despite their individual strength and powerful technology, it is assessed as unlikely that any council species possesses a large enough fleet to challenge the either Taiidani fleet in broad combat.

The small amounts of Czalkir combat data available suggests they prefer long-range high power weapons systems with low rates of fire but excellent capability for damaging armored targets. Their capital ships are also deceptively fast. Tactical pans for combating them call for overwhelming firepower and carefully coordinated use of gravity wells and tactical hyperspace jumps, similar to the tactics employed by the late empire against Bentusi tradeships

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