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Taiidani Confederate Systems

When the Taiidani Empire fell and the Republic rose, not all the member worlds accepted the new government. Those that clung to the imperial system found themselves at the mercy of the empire's fleet admirals unchained from any accountability or restraint. The imperial remnant rapidly decayed into a den of warlords and pirates, but much of it still rejected Republic rule. Republic attempts to enforce their system on unwilling systems widely met with embarrassing and expensive failures, leading to a policy of regular raids by Republic and Higaaran forces to break up the warlord fleets and their support network, but otherwise leaving those worlds to their chosen fate.

It was believed by many that this situation would last for the foreseeable future, but in AHL 76 an unexpected coalition arose in the loyalist space, a form of mutual defense pact that for the first time in decades reestablished proper ties between the civilian and military arms of civilization in it's domain. This so named Taiidani Confederate Systems recognized imperial rule in name, but in effect replaced it's institutions and had no emperor to bow to.

The Confederation established formal status under the Galactic Council within two years, rendering it impractical for the UNH and Republic militaries to deal with it as they had other potentially threatening reorganizations of imperial power. From that initial small seed it grew at a frightening rate, incorporating many of the existing warlords into it's ranks, destroying others, and in time establishing tentative diplomatic and economic ties with it's peers.

The Confederation has since recognized an imperial ruler, former admiral Corrstei, purportedly one of the original compact's founders and the state's original chief military figure. Analysts believe it was her plan to step into the throne from the initial drafting of the treaty of confederation, and under her rule the state has grown to be a credible contender with the neighboring Frerrn Aggregate and Taiidani Republic.

Confederation diplomacy has been unsteady and awkward. Outwardly it claims it wishes peaceful and profitable relations with ourselves and the rest of the galaxy, but it has repeatedly and publicly snubbed Higaara. Inwardly the empressÆs rhetoric uncomfortably mirrors imperial propaganda in places, and rare unguarded comments have suggested that she would happily conquer her neighbors if she thought it was a fight she can win. However, it is impossible to argue with the fact that the rise of the confederation has led to increased safety from piracy and wanton violence it's borders.

It bears reminding that many of our actions to disperse imperialist threat inside what is now Confederate Systems territory were viewed by it's inhabitants as aggression, and blamed for their economic and security problems. Some areas even fell under Turanic control as a result. Generations of ill-will do not vanish overnight, and care should be exercised in the presence of any Confederate Systems military elements as a result, especially in light of uneven quality of their officers.

Confederate design and doctrine derives from the stagnant and decayed traditions of the post-imperial warlord and pirate fleets. However, aggressive modernization programs have sought to profit from the lessons it's neighbors have learned in the last century. As a result, the Confederate fleet is a mix of holdovers from the interim period that exhibit a trend towards both generalization and ease of production, and specialized ships pushing the boundaries of confederate technology in an attempt to catch up with modern combined arms war fleets.

Confederation military research and development has occupied a portion of it's budget matched only by Higaara since it's inception, a frightening statistic that hints at the amount of effort they are putting into getting a military able to fight those around them. The Higaaran intelligence community is split into those that believe the Confederation only wishes to have an effective deterrent to aggression against it, and those believing the empress' ambition will not be sated until all Taiidani recognize her. Whichever the case may be, tensions along the Confederation border are continual.

Even should the Confederation remain friendly, familiarity with it's forces is vital. Not all Taiidani warlords and pirates have been eliminated, and the Confederate military is notorious for 'losing' designs or even fully crewed ships to them. UNH and Republic intelligence groups have reason to believe at least some of these 'losses' are imperially sanctioned, and many of the ways these ships are ultimately used indirectly benefits the Confederation. More importantly, they are often used in strikes on Republic or Higaaran shipping and industry, which fleet elements are charged with protecting.

Additionally, the Confederation and Republic have limited joint efforts to discourage Frerrn aggression into collective Taiidani holdings. If these tensions escalate further it's possible UNH elements will be called on to support Higaara's republic allies and in the process fight alongside Confederate forces. In such situations it is as important to know the capabilities of one's allies as of the enemy.

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